2013 Farmers Markets on the Front Range

Shopping at your local farmers market in always ideal for produce, local honey, and more. Not only are you contributing to your local economy, you are also supporting  sustainable farming practices. Every dollar you spend reflects your values, so we urge you to support local farmers over big business agriculture. Farmers markets have higher quality food in terms of nutritional value and taste. Did you know that buying local also supports your immune system? You are exposed to the elements of your landscape just like the local flora and fauna. Local organic honey, in particular, boosts your immune system.

Boulder Farmers Market
Saturdays, April 6-Nov. 16, 8am-2pm
Wednesdays, May 1-Oct. 2, 4pm-8pm
13th St. between Arapahoe and Canyon

Louisville Farmers Market
Saturdays, June 1-Oct. 12, 8am-1pm
824 Front St. Historic Downtown Louisville

Longmont Farmers Market
Saturdays, April 6-Nov. 2, 8am-2pm
Boulder County Fairgrounds

Westminster Farmers Market
Thursdays, June-Sept., 3:30pm-6:30pm
Westminster O’Toole’s Garden Center

Wheat Ridge Farmers Market
Thursdays, starting June 13, 10am-3pm
4252 Wadsworth Blvd.