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New updates from different local neighborhoods, including Farmers Markets and reasons why you should support local. How are people achieving their wellitude throughout the country?

Denver’s Delcious Gluten-Free Food Fair


We went to Denver’s gluten-free expo last weekend and discovered a ton of new gluten-free brands emerging with excellent-quality products. At Wellitude, we are huge advocates of buying local and supporting small businesses, so we decided to take some photos of these budding businesses.

Hemp Way Foods

Among our favorites is Hemp Way Foods, started by Carla Boyd. They were sampling their very own hemp burger, which was incredibly savory and delicious. They sampled it alongside an absolutely delicious homemade creamy pesto dip and whole-seed mustard. They are currently available for purchase at Denver Homesteading Market on Santa Fe Drive, but they will be expanding soon. Judging by their taste, they will be growing in no time!

The Honest Stand

The Honest Stand just opened this summer. We thoroughly enjoyed their dairy-free & gluten-free cheese sauces. The spicy version, known as “Spiked,” makes for an excellent queso dip or nacho sauce. “Smoked” is comparable to hickory cheddar. And finally, The Honest Stand’s Original flavor makes for a classic Mac-N-Cheese, but 100% dairy-free. Follow them on Facebook to stay in the loop. If you are local to the Denver area, find The Honest Stand at Highlands Square Farmer’s Market on Sundays from 9am-1pm at 32nd and Lowell.

Pamela’s was giving away samples of their fig bars, Figgies & Jammies, one of our favorite products.

Applegate was also present. Unfortunately, this past year they changed their formula to include carrageenan.

Here are a few of our favorite vendors we’d like to highlight from the event:

Outrageous Baking: our favorite GF flour & delicious sweet breads from Longmont, CO
Etalia Foods: fresh, excellent quality GF bread & more from Boulder, CO
Bolder Beans: flavorful pickled green beans & mushrooms
5 Star Baking: baked goods from Golden, CO
Organilicious: a variety of delicious pestos, tapenade, hummus & more
One Bite Specialty Foods: delicious, kawaii sauces, dips, & marinades
Bowbeas: muffins, cookies, cinnamon rolls, whoopie pies, & more
Bella Gluten-Free: various baking mixes including foccacia, pizza dough, pie crust & more
Appleooz: crunchy apple chips, excellent for children
Deby’s Gluten Free: DONUTS!
Aime’s Love: GF bakery & cafe in Longmont, CO
Becca’s Gourmet Goodies: unique goodies including cookies, lemon bars, & more
Beyond Better: cheese alternatives from Boulder, CO
New Planet: a variety GF beers
Blossom Fine Foods: GF desserts such as brownies, cheesecakes, & more

Some are local and some you can find in multiple states!

This is a non-comprehensive list of vendors present at the event. For a comprehensive list, visit the event’s website.




Bolder Beans


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8 Reasons We Love & Support Local Food Producers

We love local! You’ve heard it but do you know why people are so animate about supporting local? Check out this awesome infographic we found courtesy of Ontario-based Ruralist.ca to learn why! You can support local food producers by shopping at your neighborhood farmers market and exploring non-corporate grocers. Some major health-food corporations like Whole Foods make efforts to carry local produce, too! Local produce is often organic, too. The plants are grown in the same environment you live in everyday, so many types of local foods can boost your immune system when allergy season rolls around! You are supporting your local economy instead of contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and wasting precious non-renewable resources, i.e., gas required to transport produce all over the country and world.


Boulder County Farmers Market 2013

We stopped by the Wednesday afternoon Boulder County Farmers Market! Check out our pictures.

We got there around 3pm when trucks were unloading and set up was almost complete! The shade was perfect at this time of day, and there was lush grass to sit on while eating delicious food!

The walkway was getting pretty crowded. Notice the zero-waste stations! Recycling and composting are the only options.

Local Boulderites shopping for farm-fresh produce.

The seating large seating area contains all the alcohol vendors and live music!

We had a great time and ate delicious food! Egg rolls, vegan tamales, and Pressery juice. Yum!

More to come for the rest of Summer 2013!

2013 Farmers Markets on the Front Range

Shopping at your local farmers market in always ideal for produce, local honey, and more. Not only are you contributing to your local economy, you are also supporting  sustainable farming practices. Every dollar you spend reflects your values, so we urge you to support local farmers over big business agriculture. Farmers markets have higher quality food in terms of nutritional value and taste. Did you know that buying local also supports your immune system? You are exposed to the elements of your landscape just like the local flora and fauna. Local organic honey, in particular, boosts your immune system.

Boulder Farmers Market
Saturdays, April 6-Nov. 16, 8am-2pm
Wednesdays, May 1-Oct. 2, 4pm-8pm
13th St. between Arapahoe and Canyon

Louisville Farmers Market
Saturdays, June 1-Oct. 12, 8am-1pm
824 Front St. Historic Downtown Louisville

Longmont Farmers Market
Saturdays, April 6-Nov. 2, 8am-2pm
Boulder County Fairgrounds

Westminster Farmers Market
Thursdays, June-Sept., 3:30pm-6:30pm
Westminster O’Toole’s Garden Center

Wheat Ridge Farmers Market
Thursdays, starting June 13, 10am-3pm
4252 Wadsworth Blvd.

Boulder Family Farms

All local. All fresh. All the time!

That’s the tag line of this smaller neighborhood farm.  And how true it is!  Jade Sabatino, Melanie Goldbort and Dennis Kline work this wonderful hidden farm on a fertile plot of land in Southeast Boulder, where several goats and still more chickens live alongside the resident horse.

The day I first visited this community stand, Jade was harvesting the first of the rich red tomatoes.  My little tomato bush only had green tomatoes so I purchased a few tomatoes along with some kale, cucumbers, and carrots.  The three digit temperatures were taking its toll on the chickens – they refused to produce that day.

The self-serve  food stand is open 24-7 and operates on the honour system.  Jade says that there have been no problems working on the honour system, and shoppers love being able to pick up fresh produce any time of the day or night.


Contact info for Boulder Family Farms:


1005 Cherryvale Rd, Boulder, CO





A very original community based program and one I am happy to support.


© Donna Sigmond, EastWest Wellness

Community Sustained Agriculture

CSA or Community Sustained Agriculture

Why a CSA?  Community Sustained Agriculture allows residents access to high quality, locally and seasonally produced vegetables.  In addition to vegetables, many CSAs offer the option of adding fruit, eggs, meat, and even flowers to your order for a few dollars more.

By becoming a member of a CSA you enter a partnership.  The partnership means you commit to paying the farm a set amount in exchange for a “share” that is delivered to a local location to be picked up every week.  Prices vary but a share that feeds 2-3 people runs around $350-$500. This prepayment allows the farm to pay for seed, water, equipment, and labor when costs are high and income is low.

The benefits are great for the individual, the farmer and the community.  By eating locally produced food you decrease the miles your food travels, which saves both fuel and time, and increases the nutrients delivered to the consumer.  Dollars spent on food are kept here at home.  You eliminate or lessen the chemicals and pesticides used on the land and on your food you consume.

Big Agribusiness is introducing some very questionable practices.  Using GMO seeds and strong chemicals like Round-Up costs the consumers with the impact that it makes on one’s health.

Remember that sometimes the only way we can vote is how we spend our dollar.  Either purchasing a CSA or purchasing at your local farmers market the rewards are many and for the many.




© Donna Sigmond, EastWest Wellness

Meditation Classes at East-West Wellness

We’re proud to announce – Meditation Classes at East-West Wellness with the amazing Jenny Rush!
Have you always wanted to try meditation but weren’t sure where to begin?
Join us for a Beginning meditation class at
East West Wellness, Tuesday, June 26th at 6:30 p.m until 7:30.
These classes will be held weekly, and will cover various topics, wellness, prosperity, love, peace, and much more.
The one hour class will help you shift your consciousness to new levels.
The class price is $10, please pre-register with Jenny Rush, at the link below,


or contact East West Wellness directly, at 303-554-1600

We look forward to seeing you!

East West Wellness
1148 West Dillon Road, Ste 1
Louisville, CO  80027