The Wellitude Philosophy

Advice at Wellitude is simple and includes a few simple principles:

  • Eat your vegetables. Vegetables are a major source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are the repair molecules in the body. As we get older, we need less calories and more nutrients and antioxidants. Veggies aids in repairing damage from stress and in controlling your weight.
  • Eat real foods that are in their natural state, not processed. Even processed foods that claim to be healthy often are fortified after everything good was removed first.  If it has words you cannot pronounce, then avoid it.
  • Eat a variety of fresh foods. These are highest in micronutrients and taste best. Mix it up and enjoy all the various fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes available.
  • Eat foods grown locally. Foods grown and eaten locally are less expensive, fresher and provide the kind of nutrients to best nourish your body in the conditions you live in.  For example, eat sweet potatoes and beets grown locally in winter. These will optimally support the body.
  • Shop in season. Seasonal produce is tastier, more nutritious and less expensive than other foods that are out of season.
  • Learn to cook.  Learn the basics.  Many meals can be made in 20 minutes or less. Start with meals of just a few  ingredients. You do not need to be a brilliant chef, just a smart self-starter.  Beginning with high-quality fresh ingredients is half the battle.
  • Eat balanced portions, and eat regularly. Eating smaller amounts with small snacks, if necessary, regulates blood sugar, preventing cravings and binges. Keep nourished by having a well-balanced diet.
  • Enjoy meals, and eat while relaxed. Savor your food. Feel gratitude for having fresh food that nourishes your body and soul. This state of gratitude allows the body to relax, maximizing the flow of blood to the digestive track for better digestion.
  • Make a plan, and stick to it. A plan ensures you avoid eating things you regret, and if you have a budget, it allows you to stay within it. Poor planning is the easiest way to sabotage your healthful choices.
  • Find support. The internet is full of recipes. There are many blogs, websites, Facebook pages, and apps to make it easier to eat healthy and have fun, too.