Power of Energetics: Food As Medicine

EnergecticsWelcome to my “Power of Energetics” blog series.  In this series I will break down what the Energetics of Food means, the theories behind the energetics, and how they are differentiated.


Many people love our food blog here on Wellitude.com, but I always get asked what Energetics of Food actually means.  The most basic answer is that the Energetics of Food is the Chinese thought that you can and should use food as medicine.  Within Chinese Medicine there is not a one-treatment fits all, every person is different and thus every treatment is different.  The same goes for the Energetics of Food or food as medicine­­—there is not one diet that works universally.


Chinese Medicine and energetics are about creating and maintaining the balance of Qi—the vital essence found in all things—within your body to achieve optimal wellness. Sickness and disease is thought to be created by imbalances of Qi within body and treatment for these illnesses is to rebalance your Qi. This is done by acupuncture, herbal remedies, tui-na, cupping, and most importantly diet.  You can also use these treatments to maintain your balance of Qi, but using food is by far the easiest method in which to do this.


d749535dfd6f3a52676647f2957e3179While Chinese Medicine looks at nutritional values of foods, such as calories or carbohydrate content, it focuses mainly on the other dimensions or energetics (warming vs cooling, yin & yang, etc.).  Each person has their own constitution and thus each person must eat according to what their body needs. For example, I myself tend to be yin, damp, and cold. Therefore, I usually try to avoid eating too many cold or damp foods; I can handle them in moderation, but if I overindulge them, I get an imbalance or excess of cold in my body.  Chinese Medicine and Energetics does not follow a set protocol for what to eat—there is no magic food flow chart—they work by differentiating between multiple factors to find the ideal diet.


In this blog series I am going to be covering the 5 main differentiating principles which include the principles of Yin & Yang, 5 Properties, 5 flavors, 5 elements, and the 4 directions. As a bonus I am also going to be doing a blog on The Enjoyment of Food and The Art of Chewing.  I hope this series gives you a sound idea of what the Energetics of Food means and how to incorporate it into your daily life.


While waiting for the next installment, please take a look at the foods in our other blogs to see how to choose the most nutritious groceries, how to store them to retain freshness, the nutritional benefits, and of course—the energetics.