Denver’s Delcious Gluten-Free Food Fair


We went to Denver’s gluten-free expo last weekend and discovered a ton of new gluten-free brands emerging with excellent-quality products. At Wellitude, we are huge advocates of buying local and supporting small businesses, so we decided to take some photos of these budding businesses.

Hemp Way Foods

Among our favorites is Hemp Way Foods, started by Carla Boyd. They were sampling their very own hemp burger, which was incredibly savory and delicious. They sampled it alongside an absolutely delicious homemade creamy pesto dip and whole-seed mustard. They are currently available for purchase at Denver Homesteading Market on Santa Fe Drive, but they will be expanding soon. Judging by their taste, they will be growing in no time!

The Honest Stand

The Honest Stand just opened this summer. We thoroughly enjoyed their dairy-free & gluten-free cheese sauces. The spicy version, known as “Spiked,” makes for an excellent queso dip or nacho sauce. “Smoked” is comparable to hickory cheddar. And finally, The Honest Stand’s Original flavor makes for a classic Mac-N-Cheese, but 100% dairy-free. Follow them on Facebook to stay in the loop. If you are local to the Denver area, find The Honest Stand at Highlands Square Farmer’s Market on Sundays from 9am-1pm at 32nd and Lowell.

Pamela’s was giving away samples of their fig bars, Figgies & Jammies, one of our favorite products.

Applegate was also present. Unfortunately, this past year they changed their formula to include carrageenan.

Here are a few of our favorite vendors we’d like to highlight from the event:

Outrageous Baking: our favorite GF flour & delicious sweet breads from Longmont, CO
Etalia Foods: fresh, excellent quality GF bread & more from Boulder, CO
Bolder Beans: flavorful pickled green beans & mushrooms
5 Star Baking: baked goods from Golden, CO
Organilicious: a variety of delicious pestos, tapenade, hummus & more
One Bite Specialty Foods: delicious, kawaii sauces, dips, & marinades
Bowbeas: muffins, cookies, cinnamon rolls, whoopie pies, & more
Bella Gluten-Free: various baking mixes including foccacia, pizza dough, pie crust & more
Appleooz: crunchy apple chips, excellent for children
Deby’s Gluten Free: DONUTS!
Aime’s Love: GF bakery & cafe in Longmont, CO
Becca’s Gourmet Goodies: unique goodies including cookies, lemon bars, & more
Beyond Better: cheese alternatives from Boulder, CO
New Planet: a variety GF beers
Blossom Fine Foods: GF desserts such as brownies, cheesecakes, & more

Some are local and some you can find in multiple states!

This is a non-comprehensive list of vendors present at the event. For a comprehensive list, visit the event’s website.




Bolder Beans


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